Grocery shopping can be a nightmare, especially when one person decides what needs to be bought but another person has to do the buying. Typical problems include:
  • Difficulty in sharing the shopping list - what is the list written on and where is the list kept?
  • One person adding something to the list and another wondering who added it and why.
  • Going shopping, only to realise that you've forgotten the shopping list.
  • The buyer not knowing which brand of item to buy.
  • Co-ordination: who does the shopping and when?
  • Locating items in the store, especially if the store is new to you.
The Cellphone Shopper project aims to make grocery shopping easier by using technology to aid the process. Key to the project is the management of a shopping list, which is accessible by multiple people through two interfaces: a cellphone and a Web site.

The project was divided into three parts: a back-end, a Web interface and a cellphone interface. The following diagram depicts the system's design:

Cellphone Shopper System Diagram